Friday, 7 January 2011

Rendering Skills

Here you can see 2 images I created using photos from my garden and a dinosaur rig I got off Creative Crash (I did intend to originally use a human character but i was struggling to find a good quality Rig for that so all that mattered was that it was an organic model)

The first image was more of a tester for the rig seeing what I could do with some basic renders no shadow so not to complex to start with. This was quite fun to play with seeing what kind of look I cant get with the model.

This image was more challenging as I started playing about with the shadow a lot more, I also tried using a ZDepth pass to give a bit of Depth of Field to the tail tip. I'm also enjoying the compositing a lot more now that I have a better understanding of how it all goes together.

This image shows the main passes I used for creating this image. The first is Ambient Occllusion, then ZDepth then the Shadow pass and finally diffuse.

One of the problems I found with this image was that the background was to blurry so no matter what I did the composit didn't look right

This is just a render I did to see how it would look moving, first thing i would say though is please excuse the animation as I was focusing on the other aspects of the shot. it was quite amazing the difference in render times when doing the individual passes compared to rendering the whole image as I tried both for an experiment, it was probably an hour for the passes where as it took 2 hours for the straight render which never looks as good anyway.

Dino Comp from Samuel McGuire on Vimeo.

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