Friday, 3 December 2010

Compositing Tests/Tutorial

This was a tutorial from 3D world magazine I did to help me understand how the passes all work with each other and how they can effect each other as well as how to make subtle changes easily because the render was planned out properly.

Concept Development

Animation development

I know the timing is a bit off but i was more trying to concentrate on the key poses as animation is a key area I'm trying to develop this year, also I decided to have a quick play with lighting while doing this as a remind to basic lighting controls. Although I think alot of the styling of this will come down to the texturing.

More Concepts

This is just a few more concepts I did. I have been trying to develop my drawing skills in my freetime but unfortunately I dont have the money for life drawing classes at the moment.

One of my favourite hobbies is concept art and more specifically environment art, now don't panic thinking "oh god another one who wants to be a concept artist" I know I'm not good enough to be one, it its just a hobby. One thing I like think is that I have a good grasp on what I can do professionally and I hope to focus on that rather then working in an area because its what I enjoy working on most. Don't get me wrong I love all aspects of animation which is what I think makes me think practically.

That all aside I still did some concept art for my group as I really enjoy it. Below you can see the three images where I tried to develop my Photoshop skills. One of the areas I struggle with is simplifying images so I was quite pleased the bottom image, it also show a good feel of the style our project is hoping to head in

Here's a couple of images that I have done with different style. just let me know which direction you want me to aim towards with other images