Friday, 3 December 2010

One of my favourite hobbies is concept art and more specifically environment art, now don't panic thinking "oh god another one who wants to be a concept artist" I know I'm not good enough to be one, it its just a hobby. One thing I like think is that I have a good grasp on what I can do professionally and I hope to focus on that rather then working in an area because its what I enjoy working on most. Don't get me wrong I love all aspects of animation which is what I think makes me think practically.

That all aside I still did some concept art for my group as I really enjoy it. Below you can see the three images where I tried to develop my Photoshop skills. One of the areas I struggle with is simplifying images so I was quite pleased the bottom image, it also show a good feel of the style our project is hoping to head in

Here's a couple of images that I have done with different style. just let me know which direction you want me to aim towards with other images

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